Individual Psychotherapy

My approach to psychotherapy is holistic and focused on healing, growth, and transformation. I work collaboratively with my clients to identify and adress the core issues that are holding them back in their lives. Some of the most common reasons why people come to see me include:

  • Life feels unsustainable, unhealthy or out of balance
  • Struggling with a lack of life purpose or meaning or searching for answers to the big life questions
  • A desire to break addictive patterns and behaviors or to get off the pharmaceutical treadmill
  • Suffering from a major loss and struggling to cope
  • Feeling depressed, empty or disconnected from self, feelings or other people
  • Feeling anxious, fearful, and uncertain about their life, their future, or themselves
  • Experiencing relationship problems, feelings of isolation or loneliness
  • Feeling stuck/plateaued in life and a lack of growth or movement

However, often times the presenting issue isn't really the source of the current struggle but it offers a thread to follow to get at the heart of the matter. We can follow and explore this thread using a variety of tools, including non-linear states of awareness such as hypnosis, trance-based journeying, meditation, somatic awareness, and guided visualizations. This empowers you to bypass your linear rational thinking mind and access your own deeper guidance and inner wisdom.

  • Connecting to your intuition
  • Connecting to deeper or higher self
  • Exploring transpersonal states
  • Connecting to your heart
  • Exploring and developing a personal cosmology
  • Learning how to find your own truth

As part of this undertaking, many different tools and approaches are used to help release limiting patterns, behaviors, and beliefs as well as old stored traumas and feelings that no longer serve you. It truly depends on what you need in the moment. Sometimes the work is behavioral, other times emotionally expressive or exploratory in nature. The idea is to clear out the old traumas and programming to make room for the new understandings and patterns that are in alignment with who you are now and how you want to live your life. This wisdom and these new understandings about your self and your life are then integrated into your life through new actions and behaviors, resulting in true transformation as opposed to just temporary change.

The result is a much more balanced person and a more harmonious life that moves with the flow of things instead of struggling and fighting against the tide of life. The end result is a holistic balance between the heart, spirit, mind, and body.