Overcoming Anxiety

I help people overcome anxiety using three-part approach that addresses the current stressors as well as the root sources of anxiety. 

The first part of this approach is focused on improving your mood and increasing your ability to cope with what is happening. Together we work on instituting healthful practices, expanding core resources, and increasing coping skills.

The second part involves exploring and addressing the present-day sources of stress, pressure, and conflict. Often times this is related to work, family, or intimate relationships. I will help you to make the necessary changes in these relationships.

Finally, we work together to identify and address the root sources of fear and anxiety. Because every individual is unique, the core issues are different for everyone but common themes include:

  • Unprocessed traumas or grief
  • Inhibited stored emotions
  • Early childhood family dynamics
  • Lack of self-love / feelings of worthlessness 
  • Feelings of emptiness / lack of meaning or purpose
  • Over-identification with the mind/thinking
  • Lack of connection to or inability to connect with the heart

We work to clear out the old traumas, emotions, and grief, reconnect to the heart, the emotional body and the physical body, and learn to balance the mind/thinking with the heart/love and the body/feelings.

This unique approach is based on my 14 years working with people suffering from anxiety in many contexts, including in psychiatric hospitals, private practice, and spiritual healing retreats and combines elements of evidence-based western psychotherapy and eastern spiritual practices, including:

Together, these are powerful tools for overcoming anxiety and creating a happier, more balanced, and more harmonious life.

My office is located in downtown San Francisco in the Flood Building approximately 100 feet from

The Powell Street BART and station.