Services Offered


Individual psychotherapy that is truly holistic and focused on healing, growth, and transformation. Common issues addressed include depression, anxiety, traumas, meaning of life/life purpose, grief/loss and life crisis. Tools used include somatic awareness, DBT, mindfulness, EMDR, and hypnosis. Learn how to overcome your own obstacles and limitations so you can live an authentic, meaningful, and purposeful life.

Preparation and integration coaching helps you to get the most out of your journey with Ayahuasca and other sacred plant medicines. Prepare on a physical, emotional and spiritual level for this deep transformational work. Post-ceremony integration sessions help you translate the insights, healing, and growth that happened during ceremony into manifested change in your life.

Often times intense peak or spiritual experiences can leave us feeling ungrounded, lost, or raw. Reality as we know it has changed, including who we think we are, and this can leave us feeling profoundly unsure of everything. This is where integration work can really help to both ground you into your new reality but also to carry forward the internal changes that have happened into a newly manifested life. I know this territory well and can help guide you to a state of balance and harmony between their new expanded awareness and your every day life.