preparation & integration for plant medicine

Well-facilitated plant medicine and entheogenic ceremonies have tremendous potential for healing and transformation.

In my several years working with Ayahuasca as well as San Pedro, I have witnessed the profound transformational impact these plant medicines can have when wielded by master shamans in a caring and safe environment.

Unfortunately, not all ceremony facilitators or shamans are well trained, highly experienced, or conscientious  about creating a safe space for transformational work. In the wrong hands or poorly-facilitated, these medicines can be spiritually, psychologically and even physically harmful. 

Pre-Ceremony Preparation Counseling

Preparation counseling is designed to help prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally for healing or transformational work with Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Psilocybin mushrooms or other entheogens.

Topics addressed include:

  • What to look for in a shaman or facilitator
  • Knowing the potential risks involved
  • How to work with and release intentions
  • Strategies for managing what comes up during ceremony
  • How to create the best state for receiving wisdom and insights
  • Using plant medicines for healing depression, ptsd, anxiety etc
  • Using plant medicines for self-mastery and life transformation 
  • Pre-ceremony regiment for cleansing and preparing your mind and body for the work


Post-Ceremony Integration Counseling

I have found that there is often a post-ceremony window of opportunity during which people are more capable of making the big changes and translating the transformational shifts experienced during ceremony into tangible life changes. 

This period can typically last up to 6 months. This critical period offers an incredible opportunity to use this newly expanded expanded and open state to manifest true transformation in your life.

People who don't take the proactive steps to make changes during this critical period often report that the ceremony effects "faded away."  

Topics typically covered during post-ceremony counseling sessions include:

  • Help making sense of the powerful ceremony experiences and putting them into their proper place
  • Taking the lessons and insights and putting them into practice
  • How to create a daily practice of cleansing, balancing and grounding
  • Ways to continue working with the medicine when you are home 
  • How to share your experience with loved ones 

Working with plant medicines has been a great joy and passion in my life and I feel truly honored to help guide others in their journey with these powerful medicines. 


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