Trauma Healing & Recovery

Trauma, Complex Trauma, Traumatic Stress, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. These are some of the names used to described the psychological, emotional, and even spiritual harm that intensely overwhelming experiences can have on us, especially when they are interpersonal in nature. Experiences of emotional, physical or sexual abuse, neglect, loss, or abandonment at a young age can profoundly shape our entire relationship to life and leave a lasting impact that we carry with us as adults.

Often times, experiences of trauma, especially in childhood, lead to fragmenting of the self and loss of connection to ones self. In traditional shamanic cultures, this is sometimes referred to as Soul Loss.

The impacts of this are often felt in our interpersonal relationships, our relationship with our bodies, our relationship to power, our relationship to our sexuality, and our relationship to addictive substances. It can also lead to chronic feelings of brokenness, shame, anxiety, fear, depression, and hopelessness. 

Trauma recovery work is a profound transformational process that helps us to heal these traumatic wounds and injuries and reclaim parts of ourselves we have lost or lost touch with.

Trauma recovery work involves healing and re-integrating these fragmented parts and becoming truly whole again. Along the way, new skills are learned, a new relationship to living life is formed, and frequently a new sense of life purpose and meaning is found.  

Because so much of trauma is experienced and stored in the body, traditional talk therapy isn't enough to fully heal from traumatic experiences and PTSD. I use trauma-specific techniques such as EMDR and Depth Hypnosis that help to re-process and re-integrate these old experiences.


Alex Theberge, MFT

As a psychotherapist, I have 14 years experience helping people suffering from conditions like PTSD/trauma, depression, anxiety, and loss/grief, including 3 years working with people in acute states of crisis at the University of California San Francisco. I also have 2 years experience as a shamanic guide and apprentice shaman at Blue Morpho Center for Shamanism and Ayahuasca in Peru, where I helped guide people from all kinds of backgrounds through their transformative journey with Ayahuasca and other plant medicines. Because of my background, I bring a unique and holistic approach to trauma healing and recovery.

My office is located in downtown San Francisco in the Flood Building approximately 100 feet from

The Powell Street BART and station.