Ayahuasca integration

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Integrating your ceremonial experiences with ayahuasca will help you to get most out of your journey with this sacred planet medicine. Ayahuasca is a very unique medicine and completely unlike all the other plant medicines. It can be tricky to work with as well so it is important that you have a guide who knows the territory well. Integration is really about how you take the transformational experiences from ceremony and translate them into your life.  

Often times questions are opened that are left unanswered. Or the medicine makes it clear that change is needed but you're not sure how to act on that or what direction to take. Integration work can help you to explore and and make sense of unresolved material from the ceremony and identify where and how to make those changes in your life, and more importantly, when not to. 

Deep personal material is typically uncovered or worked through during this process, which is why it is helpful to have a trained psychotherapist with an understanding of and experience with both the human mind and the plant spirit. 

Integration sessions often cover the following areas:

  • Help making sense of the powerful ceremony experiences and putting them into their proper place
  • Taking the lessons and insights and putting them into practice
  • How to create a daily practice of cleansing, balancing and grounding
  • Ways to continue working with the medicine when you are home 
  • How to share your experience with loved ones 

Working with plant medicines has been a great joy and passion in my life and I feel truly honored to help guide others in their journey with these powerful medicines.