I offer a unique approach to overcoming and healing from depression based on my 14 years working with people suffering from depression in many different contexts, including in psychiatric hospitals, private practice, and spiritual healing retreats. My approach combines elements of evidence-based western psychotherapy and eastern spiritual practices, including:

We'll work together to identify and address the root causes of your depression both in the present and in the past.  Because every individual is unique, the core issues are different for everyone but common themes include:

  • Unprocessed traumas or grief
  • Inhibited stored emotions
  • Early childhood family dynamics
  • Lack of self-love / feelings of worthlessness 
  • Over-identification with the mind/thinking
  • Lack of connection to or inability to connect with the heart

We'll work to clear out the old traumas, limiting beliefs, and old patterns that no long serve you and weigh you down. We'll also explore and address the structural present-day circumstances of your life that lead to or contribute to depression, including:

  • Too much time alone, not enough to do, lack of connection
  • Too many demands on one's time and feelings of overwhelm
  • Imbalances, mismatches, and dysfunctions in the realms of work, family, or intimate relationships
  • Lack of meaning or purpose, feelings of emptiness, existential questions

Additionally, we'll identify, practice and learn new tools and practices for dealing with life stressors. Together, this is a powerful tool for overcoming depression and creating a happier, more balanced, and more harmonious life. 


Alex Theberge, MFT

As a psychotherapist, I have 12 years experience helping people suffering from conditions like depression, anxiety, loss/grief and PTSD/trauma including 3 years working with people in acute states of crisis and treatment resistant depression at the University of California San Francisco. I also have 2 years experience as a shamanic guide and apprentice shaman at Blue Morpho Center for Shamanism and Ayahuasca in Peru, where I help guide people from all kinds of backgrounds through their transformative journey with Ayahuasca plant medicine. Because of my unique background, I bring an innovative and holistic approach to working with depression.

My office is located in downtown San Francisco in the Flood Building approximately 100 feet from

The Powell Street BART and station.